Maschinenmensch develops collaborative robotic systems that extend human awareness and understanding. We design innovative and ingenious robotic solutions that not only leverage accessible and advanced technology but also exhibit an effective and thoughtful user interface. While robots act autonomously, they are an extension of our bodies and senses. Going where can’t go, seeing what we can’t see, longer, faster, safer on land, in the sea and in the air. Robots WITH humans – a collaboration between machine and people. Maschinenmensch designs robotic solutions leveraging existing or novel hardware and software for documentation, reconnaissance, exploration, surveying and monitoring in a variety of industries and applications. Mapping, environmental data collection, site surveying, photogrammetry, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, systems and site surveying, journalism

Partnerships and Consultation

Have a project in mind and but don’t know where to begin or how to build it? Let’s discuss partnering to develop your idea. From concept to patent to product design, Christopher consults as well as assists in developing your idea into reality.

Currently in Development

Ball Robot: Designed to be used in Search and Rescue scenarios, the robot ball can be thrown into any environment and situation and actively navigate a dangerous or hard to reach place to search for victims and assist in rescue.

MultiRotor Assist Mod: This device is a portable, wearable, semi-autonomous and tethered multirotor (aka drone) that is carried as a compact backpack but when engaged can lift or pull a user by various amounts. For sport, safety, strategic advantage, the ability to lift, even partially or in bursts, gives a physical advantage in a multiple uses.