Maschinenmensch works directly with schools and organizations to develop project based, design thinking curriculum and learning spaces. Drawing upon practical wisdom gained in the field and laboratory combined with experience in the classroom, we bring a relevant perspective to prepare students for an innovative future as well as engage them in fun, challenging project based learning.

Learn more about our key offerings below. And contact us to find out how we can help your school or organization offer innovative programming and meet common core standards while engaging kids in fun and challenging, hands-on learning.

Curriculum Development

  • Review, test and advise on curriculum and student projects
  • Offer curriculum suggestions and resources
  • Help choose and train teacher(s)
  • Offer suggestions on classroom management
  • Help map out the progression in the classes for the whole year

Classroom/Makerspace Design

  • Advise with ideas on the design and layout of the class space
  • Help determine what tools and materials will be needed
  • Help build out the class space.
  • Assist in developing a budget

Robotic/Drone Curriculum

  • Customized classes and curriculum to meet your budget and Common Core Standards
  • Fun, challenging projects and challenges framed around the theme of robotics and/or drones
  • Both high and low tech options to meet the skill level of the students and budget of the organization

Professional Development

  • Work with teachers to explore the idea of “design thinking” and how they can use it in their classrooms
  • Day to week long workshops examining the design process and open ended projects