Maschinemensch develops collaborative robotic systems that extend human awareness and understanding. We design and employ robotic solutions that not only leverage existing and accessible technology alongside the innovative and the advanced but focus on an effective and thoughtful user interface. While robots act autonomously, they are an extension of our bodies and senses. Coupled with a human component, we develop a thoughtful collaboration that advances the skills of both user and robot, capturing the needed content effectively and efficiently. Robots FOR humans.

Going where we can’t go, seeing what we can’t see, longer, faster, safer on land, in the sea and in the air. Robotics enhance the speed and safety of documentation, reconnaissance, exploration and mapping across a variety of applications including environmental monitoring, cinematography, site surveying, photogommetry, search & rescue, site surveying and of course much more. The sensors and computer platforms are smaller and faster than every before. Transportation platforms have become more compact and more powerful. Robotics are now. They’re here to stay. And alongside thoughtful design and utilization, the possibilities are endless.