Going where we can’t go, seeing what we can’t see, longer, faster, safer on land, in the sea and in the air. Robotics enhance the speed and safety of documentation, reconnaissance, exploration and mapping across a variety of applications including environmental monitoring, cinematography, site surveying, photogommetry, search & rescue, site surveying and of course much more. The sensors and computer platforms are smaller and faster than every before. Transportation platforms have become more compact and more powerful. Robotics are now and here to stay. And alongside thoughtful design and utilization, the possibilities are endless.

Christopher brings cutting edge experience in product design in the drone and robotic industry as well as in photography, remote sensing and geography. Drones and robotics provide a unique junction for Christopher’s background, an obvious evolution in Christopher’s career track arching from cartography and geography at Texas A&M University to a photography studio in New York City to product marketing in Los Angeles to tinkering and inventing in Silicon Valley. And now, combining these skills inspired by the Maker spirit and tech entrepreneurship, Christopher’s innovative approach to robotic design bridges the gap between machine and human.

With each project, Christopher leads a team of skilled and innovative engineers and programmers, believing that a mix of specialized technicians and generalized creative problem solvers. And with every unique application and user, there is a soluation catered to that client while keeping an eye on producing quality data and imagery how you want it, when you need it.

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